Honey is not only a popular ingredient in food, but its effects are also recognized in health care and beauty. So what does honey do?

Honey is the sweet substance collected by honey bees from flowers. Unlike refined white sugar, this food is classified as a natural sweetener, is high in antioxidants and has antibacterial properties that are beneficial to health.

Health benefits of honey
Known as a spice in cooking, this natural ingredient is also packed with nutrients, antioxidants and other ingredients with healing effects. So what does honey do?

1. Cure dry cough, phlegm cough

What cures honey? Using honey to treat cough is a folk cough treatment that many people have applied and achieved remarkable results. Here are some ways to use honey or how to treat cough with honey that you can apply:

Remedy with steamed shallot leaves: Wash chives, drain and chop them into small pieces. Pour in the honey and cover with water or steam the rice. Once cooked, you mash and eat. This cough remedy is very effective if you are having phlegm or have a cold.
Honey kumquat remedy: Choose 3-4 blueberries, wash them, and put them in a small bowl. Pour honey over the kumquats and steam in the rice cooker (or steam in a water bath) for about 15 minutes. After steaming, you can drink it directly, slowly let the bile flow down your throat to soothe and relieve cough. Or you can mix it with warm water and crush the kumquats. Drink 2 times a day after meals or in the morning and evening to quickly stop coughing.
Garlic soaked in honey: Peel the garlic and put it in a clean glass jar. Then, pour honey over the jar, cover tightly. Soak for more than 1 month can be used. The longer you soak, the easier it is to eat. Whenever you cough, you take out and eat 1 clove each time, the frequency is 1-2 times per day, 2 days is cured.
In addition to honey cough treatment, you can also use natural cough remedies at home to quickly put an end to a nasty cough.

2. The effect of honey: Cure burns
Honey has an antiseptic effect, reducing inflammation and swelling. Therefore, since time immemorial, this food has been used as a home remedy for burns and to prevent infection. Besides, the use of honey can also shorten the recovery time of the skin after injury without leaving too many scars.

If you are unlucky enough to get burned, you just need to apply honey directly to the burn and then cover it with a thin gauze. Do this about 2-3 times a day until the wound is dry and the skin is young.

3. Enhance memory thanks to acetylcholine
Studies show that postmenopausal women who consume honey for a few weeks have positive results in improving short-term and long-term memory. In addition, this type of sweet honey also brings the same effect to women during menopause.

4. Preventing Gastroesophageal Reflux
What are the benefits of drinking honey? In an article in the British Medical Journal, Professor Mahantayya V Math of the Medical University in Kamothe (India) affirmed: “Honey with a stickiness of nearly 126 times higher than that of water – completely covered the sugar wall. digestion, creating a barrier to prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease.

5. Uses of honey: Supports the treatment of diabetes

Honey has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar and can keep blood sugar levels stable. Therefore, people with diabetes are encouraged to use honey instead of the usual added sugar.

6. Preventing Cancer
When it comes to foods that contain a lot of antioxidants, the use of honey cannot be ignored. These substances help prevent the formation and spread of cancer cells, as well as support the treatment of related diseases, such as kidney cancer, lung cancer, etc.

7. Effect of honey: Soothes hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids often cause itching, pain, and bleeding in the anal area. In addition to using medications prescribed by your doctor, you can also apply a few home remedies to help ease the condition. One of them is to use a mixture of olive oil and honey to apply to the affected area. The effect of honey will significantly reduce bleeding, pain, itching, making you feel more comfortable.

8. Improve wound healing efficiency
The effect of honey can help disinfect and heal wounds quickly. At the same time, it also helps to reduce pain, limit odor and reduce the size of the wound. This food also helps to kill bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics or sores in the long run.

However, you should not arbitrarily use honey to treat wounds without the consent of your doctor. Sometimes, this type of food hinders the recovery process if used incorrectly and for the wrong target.

9. Soothes Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a fairly common skin disease. This condition causes redness, sores, itching, and even severe damage to the skin. Patients often treat psoriasis with topical creams containing corticosteroids or vitamin D. However, honey is also a method to help ease the symptoms of this disease quite effectively.

Using a mixture of honey and olive oil will help soothe the skin, reduce itching as well as redness. Proper application will help you get the full benefits of honey.

10. The effect of honey: Relieves itching in Herpes disease
When infected with Herpes virus, you will feel the skin around the genital area and mouth sores, along with the appearance of tiny blisters. In this case, apply honey to the wound and wash it off after 30 minutes. The discomfort, itchiness can be greatly reduced with the use of this honey.

The effect of honey in beauty
Here are some ways to use honey for beauty that you can easily apply at home along with some other natural ingredients.

11. Effective acne treatment

Honey has many great beauty benefits for women. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey can prevent acne-forming bacteria. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of this food will also calm redness and irritation of the skin.

How to do it: Apply a little raw honey on the acne-affected skin and wait for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash it off with warm water. You can also try some recipes for making honey masks for acne combined with other natural ingredients to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and bring out the full effects of honey.

12. Effect of honey: Blurring bruises
The ingredients in honey such as antioxidants, enzymes and many other nutrients help to cleanse and moisturize the skin. In addition, the combination of honey and baking soda also has an exfoliating effect, helping to restore new cells, thereby making the skin look more radiant.

How to do it: You mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Then, wet your skin and gently apply the mixture on your face or body in a circular motion. Finally, you wash it off with water.

13. Moisturizing and whitening skin
Honey is an all-natural moisturizer for sensitive skin that draws moisture from the air and penetrates deep into the skin. Besides, antioxidants and vitamin C are two ingredients that help protect the skin from the effects of the sun and prevent skin aging.

How to do it: After washing and drying your face, you should take about 1 teaspoon of raw honey, apply it evenly on the skin and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Then you wash it off with warm water.

14. Helps clean pores
The enzymes in raw honey work to lighten the skin and keep the pores clean. Besides, the antibacterial effect of honey combined with coconut oil can also prevent the accumulation of bacteria. From there, you will avoid acne and nutrient imbalance in the skin.

How to do: You mix 1 tablespoon of fresh honey with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil until dissolved. Then, apply to cleansed face and gently massage in circular motions. Remember to avoid applying around the eyes. Finally, you wash it off with warm water.

15. Exfoliating the skin is the effect of honey
The ingredients in honey such as antioxidants, enzymes and many other nutrients help to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Besides, because it contains alpha hydroxy acid, malic acid … that this miracle drug is also used to exfoliate the lips very effectively.

In addition, the combination of honey and baking soda also works to restore new cells, making the skin look more radiant.

How to do it: You mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Then, wet your skin and gently apply the mixture on your face or body in a circular motion. Finally, you wash it off with water.

16. Make hair conditioner from honey

The effect of honey helps to beautify women, from skin to hair. The enzymes and nutrients in raw honey will make the hair shiny and thicker. In addition, when combined with coconut oil, it will also provide essential nutrients to the hair and smooth the cuticle on the scalp, giving the desired shine and shine.

How to use honey as a conditioner: You mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Then, you apply evenly to the bottom 2/3 of the wet hair, starting from the bottom up. Finally, you keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

17. Shiny hair care
Hair is subjected to many external influences such as sunlight, dirt, beauty treatments such as straightening, curling, drying, dyeing… At the same time, it is also affected by the effects inside the body. such as lack of substance, disease… Therefore, hair is often split, tangled and broken.

To overcome this situation, you can rely on the moisturizing effect of honey to help regulate and maintain moisture in the hair. In addition, this type of honey is also very effective in strengthening hair follicles, making hair stronger and shinier.

How to do it: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a sufficient amount of shampoo that you use every day. Then you wash and clean your hair as usual.

18. Drinking honey properly helps to lose weight effectively

In addition to helping to beautify the skin, hair care and lip balm, the effect of honey can also contribute to the process of reducing belly fat, helping you regain a neat and attractive figure.

Honey has a natural sweetness, contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for skin and health. 3 ways to use honey below will help you lose weight easier:

  • Honey and warm water: using pure honey mixed with warm water to drink daily combined with regular exercise will help you quickly regain your dream figure.
  • Honey and lemon: using honey mixed with lemon juice mixed with warm water and drinking daily instead of filtered water will help you own smooth skin, toned waistline.
  • Honey ginger tea: put a few slices of ginger in a glass of hot water, wait about 30 minutes for the ginger to release all the essence. Then add honey, stir well and enjoy. Using about 2-4 cups of honey ginger tea per day before meals is an extremely effective way to lose weight.

Hope the article has told you what honey has the effect of health care and beauty. Although great, but if used incorrectly, the effect of honey not only does not work, but you may also encounter unwanted risks. Therefore, before taking honey, you should consult your doctor to get the best results.

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