Currently, on social networking sites, people share with each other about an effective way to loosen phlegm in patients after COVID-19, which is to drink Chinese coriander leaf juice. The truth of drinking Chinese coriander leaves is how to loosen phlegm?

1. Characteristics and uses of coriander plant
The smell of China, also known as the smell of thorns, cilantro or parsley, is a type of herb that contributes to an attractive and flavorful dish. Besides, this herb is also used to treat a number of diseases effectively.

The Chinese scent has the scientific name of Eryngium foetidum L. Family: Apiaceae.

It is a herbaceous plant with an average height of 15 to 25 cm. The leaves are lanceolate and elongated, with many serrations on both sides of the leaves. Leaves are wider towards the top, leaves at the stem are often more serrated. The upper leaves are 3-7 lobed at the apex and have many spines.

The flower part is greenish-white, growing from the stem axis with a cylinder or oval shape. The fruit is spherical, slightly flattened and inside contains many seeds (for breeding). Normally, when mature, the seeds of the tree will fall off on their own and spread to grow wild, found in hilly areas and plains.

The tree has a lifespan of several years, about 50 cm tall. The leaves are grown from the base and have a thin blade. Leaf margins are serrated, lance-shaped, and narrow.

Uống nước lá mùi tàu có làm long đờm ở bệnh nhân sau mắc COVID-19? - Ảnh 2.

Coriander has many medicinal uses.

People in many localities have grown the smell of China to make medicine and herbs in daily cuisine.

Medicinal parts: All parts of the coriander plant are used to make herbs as well as medicinal herbs, which can be used fresh or dried.

Taste: According to Oriental medicine documents, the smell of China is spicy, slightly bitter, aromatic and warm. The whole plant has essential oils, because the leaves are fragrant, so it is used in many dishes.

Ingredients: The ingredients in Chinese scent such as protid, glucide, cellulose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin C…

Effect: According to Oriental medicine, the smell of the ship has the effect of suing the spleen, preliminary clearing heat; emphysema, only system; ventilation, cooling, detoxification; Stimulates digestion, eliminates odors.

The smell of China is used to treat a number of diseases and conditions such as colds, cough with phlegm, bad breath, mouth sores, dysentery, bed-wetting in children, boils, conjunctivitis, hypercholesterolemia…

2. The effect of Chinese scent in the treatment of flu and expectoration
In recent times, people have spread the use of coriander to drink to loosen phlegm in COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 patients.

2.1.The smell of ships treats colds and flu
The flu is easy to happen to people with weak immune systems, the elderly, on a large scale, especially when the weather changes.

The smell of the ship is warm. Therefore, it is possible to use Chinese scent with some other herbal medicines to treat colds and flu with symptoms such as fever, cough with phlegm, sneezing, runny nose, headache, body aches…

Experience remedies: 30g of Chinese scent, 10g of birth, 20g of wormwood, 15g of betel nut, 15g of floor chrysanthemum, 15g of male licorice. The herbs are broken, born Khuong smashed, give 500ml of decoction, take 100ml, divide it into 2 doses, drink in the morning and afternoon while the medicine is still warm.

Uống nước lá mùi tàu có làm long đờm ở bệnh nhân sau mắc COVID-19? - Ảnh 4.

Coriander leaves are both a spice and an expectorant.

2.2. The effect of expectorant
When a patient has a cough with sputum due to many different diseases, the sputum is often stagnant and stuck in the respiratory tract, causing difficulty breathing and discomfort for the patient. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese scent is used to loosen phlegm and expel the sticky sputum in the throat.

Lesson 1: Use fresh coriander leaves 40g finely chopped, bring 300 ml of boiled water, divided into 2 times and drink when the water is warm.

Lesson 2: Use fresh coriander leaves 20g finely chopped, for 100g sesame prongs (sticky rice), water just enough to cook porridge, cook twice a day.

Lesson 3: Use fresh coriander leaves 20g finely chopped, for 100g fresh beef stir-fry hot, eat twice a day.


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