For women, hair loss is a fear and obsession. It is imperative to know exactly what is the cause of hair loss in women so that it can be treated.

1. Eating disorders

Many women sometimes forget to eat enough three meals a day, leading to a reduction in food intake, which will reduce the blood flow of the scalp, affecting the normal growth of hair, making hair worse. Loss of shine, even hair loss.

Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet and getting plenty of protein is very important to prevent hair loss. Hair is made of protein and when protein in hair follicles is at its lowest, it is especially important to consume more protein. In addition, the diet needs to be rich in vitamins, zinc and important fatty acids.

2. Anemia

Lack of vitamin C, drinking a lot of caffeine or alcoholic drinks will not be good for iron absorption. Therefore, it is necessary to drink juice and eat foods rich in iron to restore hair growth.

3. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome in women is caused by too much androgen, the patient will notice thinning hair on the forehead and top of the head. This phenomenon mostly occurs in patients with a family history of hair loss.

If the person has hair loss on the head, the hair on the face and body will grow indiscriminately. Androgen-reducing medications and scalp massages that promote blood flow both help the patient’s hair regrow.

4. Less loose hair

When stressed at work, they will find the scalp on both sides of the temple is tight, indicating that the scalp is becoming sensitive, hot and cold weather can also increase pressure on the scalp.

If you often have a habit of braiding or tying your hair, this time should loosen your hair properly, let your hair loose. Sensitivity and hair loss are even more important because tying the hair can reduce blood circulation to the scalp.

5. External pressure

Women today need to take care of the family, sometimes the pressure on the heart is heavier and heavier. If the mental pressure is too high, the body’s blood circulation will be blocked, so the hair follicles will experience severe hair loss.

6. Endocrine disorders

When women have endocrine disorders, it will also lead to hair loss, such as taking oral contraceptives at normal times, or due to menopause also easily lead to endocrine disorders in women and the condition of women. Hair loss will also follow.

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